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This is Bella. I created a page just for her because her human mamma, Jean has sent so many sweet pictures that I could not choose just one.

She is off of Tinkey and Cocoa.

I don't think Bella knows she is a dog.


Olivia playing with Bella. Bella is in doll stroller and Olivia is feeding Bella a baby doll bottle. Bella is loving it. 11-21-15

Celebrating Bella's first birthday. We are so blessed to have this little dog in our lives.

Hi All, Hope you can open up this picture. It is of Bella and I and she has her “bully stick” which looks like she has a cigar in her mouth. She loves this stick and hasn’t hardly let go of it since we gave it to her this morning. She just got a bath this morning and she got the bully stick for being “half good” during her bath. She does pretty good until Woody starts to wash her head and ears and then she has a fit. She looks so pretty now and smells so good. She is such a sweet little dog and we love her dearly. She is our constant companion most of the time. Blessings, Jean 9-2-15

Here is a picture of our precious Bella begging for food. It melts our hearts for her to do this but we still try to not give her food from the table unless it is a carrot or piece of apple or a cracker. She makes our hearts feel so good and is a pleasure to have around. She is in the “terrible two’s” and into everything but we still get so much enjoyment out of her. She turned over one of my plants this morning and made a mess all over the Florida room. Oh well, we just have to deal with it and hope she will outgrow some of the things she tends to do right now. We love her anyway. Blessings, Jean 8-3-15

We went to Mountains today for the day and Bella loved getting to ride in car long time. We were parked and eating lunch and she was sitting up looking all around. She was such a good girl. Best dog we have ever had. So precious. She will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this Sunday. We love ❤️ her so much.

Jean 10-20-17

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