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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What age do you let a pup go to their new home?

A) We allow pups to leave at a minimum of 8 weeks old.  Pup must be fully weaned and eating well on their own for at least a week before we allow them to go.  

2)  When can I place a deposit?

A)  We do not accept deposits until a specific pup is chosen.  

We start showing most pups at 4-6 weeks of age and will accept deposits at that time.  

3)  What forms of payment do you accept?

A)  We accept check or cash for deposits.  The final balance is to be paid in cash only when you pick your new baby up.  We encourage people to come see the pups before placing a deposit and most do, therefore, we to not feel the need to use electronic money transfers or cash apps.  We are also "old school" and prefer not to use these new Apps. 

4)  Do you ship your pups?

A)  NO.  We do not ship our pups.  We have personally driven a few pups open request for a fee if the distance is reasonable.  However, we prefer for new owners to come here to get their baby.

5) What is the size of your dogs and what size will the pups be when they are adults?

A)  Our breeders range in size from 8-13 lbs.  Most pups will be between 9-12 lbs as adults.  Some will be smaller if they come from parents that have small behind them (grandparents).  Same goes for some that can be larger.

We "guesstimate" to the best of our knowledge and are usually correct within 2 lbs, but can not guarantee size. 

Please go to the "Pricing" page for more information.

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